Finally the weather cleared enough to get to the allotment

After all the rain, wind, rain and more wind we had a beautiful sunny day on Sunday.  We had kept checking the allotment and surveying the damage and other than the fruit cage crumpled down and the brassicas cages twisted in a death dance, we got off fairly lightly.  The brassica cages were being replaced anyway although it did give the pigeons a few good meals of the just sprouting purple brocolli and the fruit cage needed work so onwards and upwards.

With the fruit cage down I have managed to properly clear some of the more persistent weeds that have made their home between the netting and the chicken wire (to prevent the squirrels chewing through at the bottom) which is a job well done.  Pruning of all the fruit, however, is taking its time.  I didn’t get around to pruning the black and red currant bushes for last season and they are so intertwined you cannot see where one starts and the other finishes.  The smell is divine with each cut and with the sun on my back made for a rather pleasant job.  Gooseberries not such fun, must look into some thornless one!

I am attempting some early strawberries in the polytunnel for this year.  Deep guttering will be hung from the crop bars with my nicely frosted strawberries.  We had such a good crop of strawberries last year, we were spoiled.  Fingers crossed this works.


This is my first early season with the polytunnel so I have yet to find out its true potential.  Need to get some early potatoes in and some peas,  salivating at the thought, must start planning.  Last year we had such an amazing crop of tomatoes – finally.  The dreaded blight had taken its toll on the outdoor tomatoes too many times and a polytunnel was the only way.  They grew like triffids on acid and made a note not to plant so many.

Harry's plum trying to escape

Harry’s plum trying to escape

So todays jobs will be some more seeds planted in the propagator in the greenhouse at home, some baking with the little one as she is demanding pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie (always a good use for pumpkins).  And maybe, if I am efficient with my time, a little bit so sewing.  How lovely to be able to combine all my favourite things in the company of my little girl.  Simple things.










5 thoughts on “Finally the weather cleared enough to get to the allotment

  1. Pumpkins in February? Are these pumpkins you’ve managed to store since last autumn? We grew a few in our garden last year but we used the last of them in December, wasn’t sure they’d keep for much longer.

    • Yes we still have them stored and using them from the autumn. I am finding Crown Prince to be an excellent storer along with butternut squash. The Jack O Lantern, which is the one I am using, doesn’t seem to keep as well. Last seasons lasted until about May/June last year!

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