Sewing, Needlebooks and Etsy

I started attending a Couture class last September (a little slice of sewing heaven) and just bunged a whole bunch of stuff in a bag and off I went.  However the ladies there, that had been attending for some time, all were lovely and organised with their boxes and bags.  For Christmas I was bought a lovely sewing box by my daughter which is beautiful to look at and feels wonderful to be organised, no more rummaging at the bottom of the bag pulling everything out to find it right in the corner attached to something else.

It got me thinking, in all my years of sewing I have never had a needlebook (or needleholder), just a drawer in my bits and pieces box or stuck in the top of my pin cushion.  I got out my Cath Kidson ‘Sew’ book which has some great ideas and made the needlebook in there.  It is ok but I was not really happy with it, I feel it will fall apart quite quickly and it was more gluing than sewing.


After some searching I found a design I liked better, more patchwork and sewing and had a go. I loved the result.  It feels so wonderful and soft, there is something very tactile about it and with a few adjustments started making them in different colours to sell. I really love sewing these, to see all the different fabrics coming together, blending into one, is very rewarding.


Now I just have the challenge of starting up an Etsy shop to start selling these as ideal Mothers Day gifts.  The start of a small business, onwards and upwards.


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