Using all our produce and feeling good

Todays menu is:

Meatballs made from our shallots (hanging on a rope), parsley (growing still outside) tomatoes, plum (canned and stored in the pantry) and basil (growing pathetically on the windowsill with sliced red onions in the sauce (on a rope in the pantry).  I am baking a spaghetti squash (stored in the pantry) for myself instead of noodles.  Accompanying this will be a courgette, tomato (Ferline) and pesto gratin, made during the summer glut and frozen along with a rosemary (still growing outside) and sun-dried tomato (well electrically dried to be precise) foccacia from the freezer (bulk made.  To finish a fruit crumble of rhubarb, gooseberry, blueberry, red and black currants (all frozen) and apple (stored in the pantry).

With a combination of freezing, drying, storing and canning you can have the taste of fresh grown pretty much all year round and know where your food comes from.  Today is a good food day! 🙂


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