Processing the produce

I have been lucky to be able to store so much of our produce that I haven’t had to buy things like tinned tomatoes and passata since last summer just before the plants exploded with more fruit that I have ever had.  Canning them means I can use them throughout the winter and  I also froze some passata and whole tomatoes too.  I experimented with making pasta sauces and will definitely do that again, same for the tomato ketchup which my little one calls ‘special sauce’.  I have an unopened shop bought ketchup sat in the cupboard which I cannot see being used unless we run out before the next season.

But somethings are not going to store much longer, apples are starting to go off so next week I shall be processing as many items as I can and freezing them.  I experimented making an apple pie and freezing it, leaving it a month and then defrosting it.  I could not determine any loss of taste or texture – result.   I also have more red and black currants than you can shake the proverbial stick at along with gooseberries and rhubarb (no raspberries as a pants season for them).  So next week my cooking list is:

  • Apple pies
  • Redcurrant and goosberry jam (my favourite)
  • Mixed fruit cordial – to be canned
  • Fruit compote for yoghurts
  • Roasted butternut squash for using in butternut squash risotto
  • Pumpkin bread
  • Carmalised onion quiche – way too good.

Having a plan means I can make sure I have everything I need  from sugar to foil, flour to freezer bags.  I shall attempt to put up a recipe for everything that I make and my canning process that I use and hasn’t failed me yet.


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