5 degrees, kids and a pile of poo


We have taken on a 3rd allotment plot, right next to the other two.  Before you jump up and down about having too many and what about the waiting lists etc, this plot has not been let for a year since the previous person was evicted.  It is not in an ideal position because of trees and because it needs work which so many people are put off of.  We said we would take it on only if no one wanted it.  One year later it is ours.  We are going to plant it as a fruit orchard and keep it to grass and fingers crossed it will work.  It does get some shade from the large trees that edge the allotment site and it is a frost pocket but I feel if we bear that in mind with what we plant we should be ok.

So 4 tonnes of sterilised manure were delivered and dumped in a large steaming pile which means, of course, one 6 year old girl is going to have fun.  For 6 hours today we have been spreading half the pile over the new plot and rotavating it in.  Half of the plot has been covered for 6 months or so but the other half is tough old grass and I am impressed the Rotavator manages pretty much all the plot before the belt melts and brings an end to the day.

I love the fact that Izzy will spend so long at the allotment amusing herself.  She has filled wheelbarrows from the steaming pile, run up and down said pile, dug in the mud for worms, created some floating boats out of margarine tubs and conducted experiments with various stones in the water trough (I think I have left them in there – ooops) and just before leaving she was picking the last of the sprouts.  It was a maximum of 5 degrees out there today and though her cheeks turned pink she was happy just to be outside, in fact I had to force her to leave and come home.  Healthy living with a healthy child.



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