To heat or not to heat

With the price of electricity so ridiculously high, I find it hard to justify heating my greenhouse.  Last year I was lucky enough to have this propagator made for me by a clever individual and it means I can get ahead in the growing stakes without making the electricity company millions!

It has just one heating cable covered in sand sitting on a piece of insulation to keep the heat in and I use my old propagator covers to keep the seeds nice and toasty.  My electric thermometer means that it only heats when it needs too and once the evening is cooling off I go and cover everything with some bubble wrap also to tuck them up for the night.  The greenhouse is going down to around 5 degrees overnight and I am hoping to be able to hold off heating the greenhouse for another few weeks or until everything has outgrown the propagator and needs additional heat.  Last year we bubble wrapped the greenhouse to keep it warmer but the light levels were really diminished so I am undecided what to do for this year.  I guess I will need to see how things go and if we have sunshine and warmer nights soon.


What does everyone else do at this time of year?


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