What a wonderful weekend, can’t hardly believe it was chucking it down with rain last week to the point the ground was so sodden I couldn’t imagine planting anything ever again.

I managed to get my parsnips in on Sunday, last year they were delayed because of the snow covering the allotment for weeks at a time, this year delayed by the rain.  We are doing a test to see which method gives us better germination and better parsnips.  First is using a metal pole make parsnip shaped holes about 8-10 inches deep and fill with sieved compost.  I sowed about 4 seeds in the middle of each one.  Second method was to draw out lines with a hoe and fill them with sieved compost and again put seeds at 6″ intervals approx piles of 3.  ImageI planted my early potatoes outside and some in the polytunnel (as well as some in pots in the greenhouse a while back)  and also managed to finish pruning the fruit cage  – yay!  Note to self:  don’t leave it so long next time.  So I am all prepped up at the allotment and just need to concentrate on getting the greenhouse propagation in full swing.

11 March 1411 March 14

Time for some pricking out. 🙂


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