Todays to do list


Must prick out and sow some more seeds (must order a few that I am missing like Ferline tomatoes) but I must also get on with my sewing.


I have finally negotiated the joys of the Etsy site.  It really is not that ‘friendly’ a site to the uninitiated to set up an account.  First you need a name, not that easy to choose, you want a name that says what you are about but there are only so many SEW you can put in a name.  After much deliberation and some great input from some friends,  May-Hem was born.  Checked to make sure that was not a used name and started the process.  Turns out you cannot have a hypen in a name and mayhem was taken by someone who appears to have never used it.  So May-HemUK is the name I use on Etsy which actually is probably a good thing because it is a predominately American site and it is good to be identified as UK based.

Photographs, pricing up, listing, writing, more writing, trying to work out postage (no calculator on there like Ebay) try not to be too shocked at commission on Etsy, trying harder not to be shocked at commission card company charges.  And hey presto, up and running. Just like that. (said like the best Tommy Cooper I can do – showing my age).

Just need to get more things on there, priced up and really need to set up my own website but my brain feels like it might just explode with that thought.  Little steps, one at a time.

So if you know anyone that wants wedding items made, bridesmaid dresses, table runners etc.  … 🙂

Now off to create a shabby chic woodland fairy outfit for a photographer.   Any suggestions?


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