How did I live without an overlocker?

I have heard about overlockers and they seemed like something you could do without.  One of those appliances, like a teas maid, that sounded good at the time but gets put in a cupboard never to be used again.  Well, I have thought about it, looked on the net, pushed the thought to the back of my head, net decides that since I have looked at them it would show me lots of ads for them.  Looked again, checked loads of reviews, closed down the computer for fear of making a rash decision, you get the picture.

Since I have started my sewing business I really need to find ways of being able to create items without it taking me an age to do so otherwise I price myself out of the market.  I love doing my couture course where pretty much everything is hand stitched and beautifully finished, which is wonderful, but no one is going to pay for me to do that for an item of clothing for them, it would just not be cost effective (unless it is a wedding dress with its fine detail).

I found this  Brother overlocker pretty much everywhere but bought it from Ebay.  I read so many reviews that were overwhelmingly positive and the general consensus seemed to be that only someone who has never used an overlocker would not need an overlocker.


The only issue that came up was threading it and the advice was to look at youtube for clips.  It arrived on Friday but due to a migraine followed by ‘the fear’ I didn’t start using it until yesterday.  I was hoping that since it came ready threaded that would be ok but unfortunately the threads had become dislodged and immediately broke. Doh, booklet out, tried to follow it but my goodness it is like no other sewing machine I have ever seen.  I found a lovely lady on youtube that explained perfectly how to thread it and off I went.  The beauty of an overlocker is that you can sew without any fabric in it, all it does is chain a lovely mix of threads.  Got some scraps of jersey fabric, lowered the foot and off I went.  I think it was instant love!  It is now named George after a certain sexy Mr Clooney.

Today I decided to put it to the test and make a top.  I have had the pattern and material for a while but have never been impressed with the finish via a normal machine and had been disappointed with a previous attempt.  But today, oh my, it was a joy.

The ease with which it sews, it just feels so strong and capable.  At one point it is sewing, cutting and finishing 6 layers of fabric and I could not notice a change in tone or that it even felt challenged.  The end result is superior to anything I could have done on a regular machine.  You still need a regular sewing machine to accompany your overlocker.  I needed to put some gather lines in and this model does not do the twin stitch top stitching

There are some many other features it has, gathering, blind hemming, piping to name but a few and I shall definitely be giving this machine a work out with all of them.  All in all, really impressed.


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