End of March and it’s glorious again

A bit of child free time and I head on down to the allotment.  Milk for my coffee – check, bag of seeds – check, excel spreadsheet – check.  What I am the only one?  How else do you keep track of crop rotation, planning what to plant next?  Yes the old boy allotmenteers mock me too.  Well it serves me well, mostly, and I get to see when to plant and make sure I try and cover all the growing season and successional planting.  To be honest it works well in the early part of the season, then I find in the midst of the crazy glut stages that I forget I need to sow more seed for the next stage.  Every year so far!  This year will be different Rodney.

I am pretty caught up on the allotment (she says smugly), the beds are weed free and other than a bit of manure on top of the potatoes once planted and the trench for the green beans needs a little more kitchen peelings, that is pretty much it.  Never happened before so it is slightly unnerving.  Checked spreadsheet but, no I appear to be on top of things.  Cue falling down a ladder and breaking leg!

I am impressed with the strawberries in the guttering, they look so health and are flowering.  Need to take a small brush up to ensure they get pollinated evenly.  However a strawberry is a strawberry no matter what shape it takes.


I didn’t put things in place for overwintering in the polytunnel.  See above!  The polytunnel was packed full to bursting last year and the last thing on my mind was packing it further.

I got about 200lbs plus of tomatoes from the polytunnel last year but it was insane.  I did not appreciate how effective a polytunnel would be.  This year I shall be taking it a bit easier and not needing to employ a scythe to just get in the door.


I get a shiver down my spine seeing all the life bursting forth, I believe spring is here.


At the allotment March 2014

At the allotment March 2014






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