Polytunnel Growing

We got the polytunnel last year from First Tunnels.  Can’t fault their service or their product.  If we were to buy again I would definitely go back to them.  Our main reason for buying a polytunnel was the blinking blight that we got pretty much every year. Our potatoes are fine as a rule but the tomatoes get devastated, the year before the polytunnel we only got about 10% of the crop and that was mostly what we grew at home.  Much debating went on, but finally the decision was made and the poly tunnel was purchased.


Health and Safety may want to be informed of man attempting dangerous netting application!

We had a fantastic summer growing in there, learned a lot.  Mostly do not plant so much because they really do grow better in there!  Didn’t plant much out over the winter, partly lack of organisation as we had a lot going on at the time of sowing the new plantings and partly because it was hard to imagine ever having space in there again.



However today is a good polytunnel day, look what I found and there are quite a few.  We may get our very own first strawberyy by the end of April!  If for no other reason, I would highly recommend a polytunnel.

2014-04-27 13.50.24



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