Christmas Stocking Snowman


I created this blog for help with the Christmas stocking packs I have put together on my online shop


1.  Iron the stocking pieces including the heel and toe cut outs. Choose which way you want the stocking to be and this will now be your front piece. Pin and sew the heel and the toe cut outs to the right side of the stocking using a zig zag stitch. Cut ric rac to fit and place over seam and straight stitch to attach.

2. Using the non shiny side of the freezer paper trace over the snowmans shape and separately trace over the hat, the two arms and scarf, so that all the pieces are separate. Roughly cut out the freezer paper.

3. Using the right colour for each part, iron the shiny side down onto the felt. It will lightly stick to it enabling you to now cut out each piece accurately. Peel off paper from felt and you now have your shape. This same piece of freezer paper can be used a few times over.

4. Place snowman on the stocking and pin. Place the twig arms under the snowman body slightly. Starting at the top of the head attach by either simple running stitch in white, blanket stitch (see illustration below) or zig zag on your machine. If zig zagging, be careful as you go over the arms or you will have a lot of white showing. If you have never used felt before, practise with a spare piece of the felt to get a feel for it and how to move the felt around whilst attaching it. You will need to adjust stitch lengths to get one to suit. Pull all the threads to the back of the work and tie off securely.

5. Repeat for hat and arms.

6. Place scarf over snowman and stitch in place. Embroider with yellow stripes (or any design you choose). Make the tassels at the end by using 2 strands of thread. From the top of your work push the needle through the end of the scarf and then come back up close to the same place. Tie off threads on top of the design with 2 knots. Repeat.

7. Use French knots (see illustration below) and make the eyes , I used 2 strands of thread and wound it 3 times). For the buttons down the front you can either use the off cuts from around the hat and sew in place or French Knots.

8. Sew carrot nose in place using the orange, I sewed little lines to make it more carrot like.

9. Once it is all embroidered and appliqued you need to stitch it together. Lay the two lining piece together (no particular right side just line them up then lay the back right side up on top of these and then the front embroidered one on top of that face down. Pin and stich 3/8” or 1cm from the top edge down the back, around the foot, continuing to the toe and up to the top again. DO NOT STITCH ACROSS THE TOP.

10. Check to make sure you have caught all 4 layers in everywhere, especially the extra toe and heel layers. Gently clip at the heel and toe to ensure a smooth curve and turn right side out. Press carefully avoiding your applique and embroidery as much as possible.

11. On the top white felt embroider *name* however you desire or use fabric pens etc. I have included a matching thread for this. Allow for a 1cm or ½in seam at the top.  I have left my blank to be personalised later.

12. Create a scalloped edge in the bottom of the felt fabric either by freehand or using the guide at the bottom of the pattern.

13. Measure the top of the stocking add 1 inch to this measurement. Cut this exact length and fold in half to sew a straight seam in the felt.

14. Attach the top edge of the RIGHT SIDE of felt to the inside/wrong side of the stocking and pin. Check that once you sew the top seam that the white felt will flip over and be the right side out with the name in the right place. You should be pinning this to the inside lining through the top fabric. Once happy stitch though all layer and zig zag to finish seam and strengthen it.

15. Turn right way up and press lightly into place.

16. Make a plait with the wool by dividing the wool into 9 lengths and plaiting it leaving the ends open. Once long enough tie them together with a big knot and sew securely in place at the front.

French Knots

French Knot
Bring thread through from back of fabric and wrap around the needle holding it firmly in place and put the needle back in close to the original hole pulling the thread gently through. Depending on the size of the French Knot required you can loop it 2, 3 or even 4 times around the needle.
Blanket Stitch

blanket stitch

Knot your thread, and bring it through the edge fabric from back to front. Take the thread down through the fabric approximately 1/4 inch away on the diagonal from the original entry point. Come up through the fabric at the edge of the felt. Keep the thread under the needle to create the blanket stitching.
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